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“I sent him sketches. I described what I wanted. And then he sent back models that looked so much like my sketches that I was rubbing my eyes. And every control I requested was right there and easy to use.

What more can you ask?”

-John Raptis, Owner, Raptisoft [Solomon Dark]

“Peter’s tenacity and skill at problem solving is priceless. It takes a certain level of passion for what you are doing to maintain enthusiasm after the many hours it takes for some projects.

We feel fortunate to have connected with him.”

-Sherry Carr, CEO, Seunta LLC [Chimera: Realm of the Horse]

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"It was two or three o'clock in the morning and I needed to read more to see what happened."

-Pat Ritter, Author/Self-Publisher

"Exciting futuristic adventure. YA and adults as well will enjoy this read."

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